EAZZY transformed object

Design by Slava Kungurov

Once we consumed an idea to invent something like a transformer for creating both functional and abstract objects. Two days later, we saw Slava’s handmade paper models. “That’s cool!” we thought and that’s how the project started. Initially, we saw EAZZY as a children’s transformer-toy, made of cardboard, which they can paint on. Cardboard also does not weight much and safe for kids. At the same time it is inexpensive material.
Transformation is the main idea of the EAZZY. Four identical polyhedrons joined together. They can change their positions freely allowing EAZZY to have various functions and abstract forms.

The 1st direction of development EAZZY got in spaces where its specific properties as transformation, mobility, conceptuality, low cost, possibility to be customized are demanded. It participates in different events: advertising show, design exhibitions, photo sessions. We use it in our interiors. Our friend – the designer from Moscow Aleksandr Matveev has created the site www.eazzy.ru and does his best for promoting project EAZZY in the Russian design community.
We produce it of cardboard and plastic by piece series.

The new and unexpected direction of development for EAZZY project has been opened by our partner Aleksandr Matveev. He came up with idea of structures from EAZZY polyhedrons. Possibilities of use such structures are huge. They can be applied for creation both functional objects as partitions, arches, bars and abstract figures.

EAZZY has huge prospects if its material and sizes are change. In future EAZZY will be able to become jewelry, upholstered furniture, light fixtures.


26/07/2011 - 20:47

Interesting thing How does it work?


27/06/2012 - 05:43

can i have the plan of it... i wanna make one also..


27/06/2012 - 05:46

it's nice!!!!

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